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pdf file SEI A Review of the Potential of Marine Algae as a Source of Biofuel in Ireland Februay 2009  2.47MB NEW

EPA 2008 - State of the Environment Report This fourth state of the environment report evaluates the state of the environment across a number of themes including, climate change, water quality, air quality and emissions, waste, chemicals, land, soil, biodiversity and environmental noise.  

 UNEP Year Book 2009 February 2009 

pdf fileFailte Ireland  "Review of Good Environmental Practice and Policy in the Tourism Sector".1.81MB

pdf fileThe Korn/Ferry Institute  "Why, and how,companies create sustainability programs and appoint chief sustainability officers"  1.5MB 

pdf file The Kyoto Protocol, The Clean Development Mechanism,And The Building And Construction Sector A Report Prepared For The Unep Sustainable Buildings And Construction Initiative 1.57MB

pdf file  Forfas Environmental Goods and Services Sector on the Island of Ireland Enterprise Opportunities and Policy Implications 265kB October 2008 

pdf file Local Government Management Services Board Service Indicators in Local Authorities 2007 1.01MB

pdf file Island Limits – A Resource Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint of Ireland
Synthesis Report for the ERTDI-funded project: 2004-SD-MS-22-M2 

pdf fileEnviroCentre.ie - European Community Policy and Guidelines on State Aid for the Environment 94KB June 2008 

 pdf fileDepartment Environment Heritage & Local Government "The Economic and Social Aspects of Biodiversity Benefits and Costs of Biodiversity in Ireland"  2.60MB May 2008 

pdf file WRAP "The Food We Waste" Full Report 1.44MB May 2008

UNEP Year Book 2008  February 2008

pdf file EPA Annual Highlights 2007 A summary report of the EPA's activities in 2007
577kB February 2008

pdf file EPA Dioxin Levels in the Irish Environment:Fourth Assessment (Summer 2006) Based on levels in Cows’ Milk

611kB 2008

pdf file ESRI: Environmental Accounts for the Republic of Ireland: 1990-2005 
370kB 2008

ESRI- Environmental Accounts for the Republic of Ireland: 1990-2005 Data 2008 

pdf file EPA Biodiversity in Irish Plantation Forests (BioForest) Final Report of ERTDI project 2000-LS-3.1-M2 (S. Iremonger et al.)  1.0MB November 2007

pdf file EPA Towards a National Soil Database Synthesis report from the ERTDI project: 2002-CD-S2-M2 (D. Fay et al.)  3.23MB November 2007

pdf file UNEP's Global Environment Outlook: environment for development (GEO-4) report   22MB October 2007 or visit website:  http://www.unep.org/geo/geo4/media/

pdf file EEA Signals 2004 A European Environment Agency update on selected issues