Building Company Competitiveness through Best Practice

In today’s business environment you are competing against global competition. It is essential that you understand your company’s competitiveness position compared to international competitors and introduce measures to maintain and improve your position in the market place.

Enterprise Ireland can work with you to identify and measure competitiveness issues, we can introduce you to best practices in your industry, and support you by providing access to our range of competitiveness building tools, including our Company Competitiveness Health Check, our Lean Offer and our GreenTech Offer. All our supports are available to our clients and are designed to build the experience, knowledge and capability of your people to improve your company’s performance and ensure a strong competitiveness position in global markets. 

Lean Education and Training Providers

Enterprise Ireland recognises the importance of a formal and structured approach to certified education in Lean business principles and techniques. The Lean education courses are seen as a natural compliment to Enterprise Irelands Lean Business initiative. The courses will supply to manufacturing and service industries an essential cohort of personnel qualified in the application of Lean methodologies required for sustainable continuous improvement within companies. Company employees can achieve Lean qualifications on a part time basis, helping to build their own capability and the capacity of the business.

Directory of Public and Private Lean Courses and Training
The purpose of the Lean Education Directory [pdf, 2.29MB]  is to assist Enterprise Ireland clients’ who wish to avail of a Lean training course and want to source a service provider.

Disclaimer: Clients are wholly responsible for selecting a Lean Education Service Provider.
The Lean Education Directory is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of Lean training courses available. It will be updated by Enterprise Ireland on a regular basis

How to get a course included in the directory?
Service providers may apply to be listed in the Lean Education Directory by completing the Lean Education Directory Registration form and returning it to .

Updated 1 May 2015