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Summary of Submissions Received - Battery Regs SI No 268 of 2008.  pdf 277kB
Screening Regulatory Impact Assessment - Battery Regs SI No 268 of 2008.  pdf 233kB
Explanatory Notes - Battery Regs SI No 268 of 2008  pdf 409kB
Battery Regulations SI 268 of 2008  pdf 334kB
Directive 2006/66/EC on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators    pdf 407kB    html
EPA WEEE Regulations - Information For Retailers Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment 2007   pdf 435kB
EU FAQ on WEEE & RoHS Updated August 2006  pdf 1.1MB
WEEE Directive  pdf 287kB  html
WEEE Directive Article 9 declaration  pdf 97kB  html 
EPA WEEE Who Does What   pdf 30kB
SI 340 Waste Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2005  pdf 340kB
Explanatory Notes regarding SI 340 2005  pdf 214kB
DoEHLG Waste Management (Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2005 - S.I. 341   pdf 86kB
Explanatory Notes regarding S.I. 341 2005   pdf 49kB
SI 290 Waste Management (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations 2005   pdf 129kB
DoEHLG Information Note on WEEE & RoHS (July 2005)   pdf
SI 341 of 2005 - Guidance Note (Interpretation of "Placed on the Market")     pdf 19kB
DoEHLG Information Note on WEEE and the Retailer  pdf 322kB
European Commission Frequently Asked Questions on WEEE and RoHS   pdf 1.1MB
WEEE Registration Information for Applicants [pdf 2.0MB]  pdf
EPA Report on WEEE  pdf 1.87MB
WEEE collection trials in Ireland  pdf 1.71MB
Report on Implementation Status of WEEE & RoHS in EU Member States  pdf 463kB  html
European Recycling Platform Weblink
European Lead-Free Network (ELFNET) Report: Analysis of the Current Status of European Lead-Free Soldering 2004   pdf 177kB  
RoHS Directive html
RoHS Enforcement Guidance Document 2006   pdf 70kB