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pdf file EEA Technical report No 6/2009 Europe's onshore and offshore wind energy potential An assessment of environmental and economic constraints 3.38MB June 2009

pdf fileEuropean Commission – Joint Research Centre "CARBON FOOTPRINT - what it is and how to measure it"  623kB

pdf file EPA  CLIMATE CHANGE: Refining the Impacts for Ireland Report from EPA-funded project 2001-CD-C3-M1 New April 2009

pdf file EU Press Questions and Answers on the Commission's proposal to revise the EU Emissions Trading System 133kB

pdf fileEU Press Questions & Answers on the proposal for a directive on the geological storage of carbon dioxide 45kB

pdf file IPCC Special Report on Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage  

pdf file World Economic Forum Towards a Clean Energy Infrastructure 2.93MB

pdf file Waterford County Council Climate Change Strategy 2008 - 2012 2.05MB

pdf fileU.K. National Health Service Saving Carbon, Improving Health - A Carbon Management Strategy for the NHS 2.5MB February 2009

pdf file Carbon Capture and Storage 286kB February 2009

pdf file Briefing Paper "Biodiversity and Climate Change in Ireland"  January 2009 2.27MB

pdf fileClimate Action 4 STEPS - Shrink your Carbon Footprint now 1000kB

pdf file IEA Information paper Climate policy and carbon leakage  Impacts of the European Emissions Trading Scheme on Aluminium 931kB December 2008

pdf file OECD Climate Change Mitigation WHAT DO WE DO? 1.98MB December 2008 

The IPCC Fourth Assessment report - Climate Change 2007 Working Group II Report "Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability" Weblink

pdf file CEPS Financial Impacts of Climate Change: What scale of resources is required? 144kB November 2008 

pdf fileCEPS Beyond Bali: Strategic Issues for the post-2012 Climate Change Regime 918kB November 2008 

pdf file ESRI The Distributional Implications of a Carbon Tax in Ireland Tim Callan, Sean Lyons, Susan Scott, Richard S.J. Tol 1.48kB 

pdf file CEPS The Demonstration Phase for Carbon Capture and Storage: The case for public support 69kB October 2008

pdf file CEPS Global Sectoral Industry Approaches to Climate Change: The Way Forward 254kB October 2008 

pdf fileInternational Energy Agency  Empowering Variable Renewables - Options for Flexible Electricity Systems 3.61MB 

pdf fileInternational Energy Agency  Key World Energy Statistics 2008 2.37MB

pdf file Deloitte Climate Change and Energy Security: The Future is Now 937kB

pdf fileERM The Search for Energy Alternatives A survey of leading companies and their business approach to climate change and energy efficiency 545kB

pdf filePublished jointly by Institute for European Environmental Policy & Natural Resources Defense Council Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe and the United States 874kB August 2008

pdf fileUnited Nations Environment Programme Reforming Energy Subsidies Opportunities to Contribute to the Climate Change Agenda 280kB September 2008

pdf fileMcKinsey Carbon Capture & Storage: Assessing the Economics 405kB September 2008 

pdf file ESRI "The Impact of a Carbon Tax on Economic Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Ireland" Thomas Conefreya, John D. Fitz Geralda, Laura Malaguzzi Valeria and Richard S.J. Tol 238kB August 2008 

pdf file IPCC Technical Paper on Climate Change and Water IPCC Technical Paper VI 7.11MB 

pdf fileEPA Ireland's National Allocation Plan for Emission Trading 2008-2012 Final Allocation Decision - 571kB  4 March 2008

pdf file Data Analysis and Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removal for the IPCC Sector Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry Sectors in Ireland
Environmental Research Centre - ERC Report 7 - P. O'Brien 2.09MB

pdf file eDiesel – Barriers and Benefits Final Report for the ERTDI-funded project: 2005-ET-DS-18-M3 2.51MB

pdf fileA Green New Deal Joined-up policies to solve the triple crunch of the credit crisis,
climate change and high oil prices
The first report of the Green New Deal Group 2.66MB

pdf file ESRI Working Paper No. 250 The Distributional Implications of a Carbon Tax in Ireland
Tim Callana, Seán Lyonsa, Susan Scotta, Richard S.J. Tola, and Stefano Verdee July 2008 148kB

IGES White Paper Climate Change Policies in the Asia-Pacific: Re-Uniting Climate Change and Sustainable Development July 2008

pdf fileWorking Paper No.29: Gain without pain: towards a more rational use of energy - EPC 470kB

pdf fileClimate Changes Everything: The Dawn of the Green Economy - Deloitte February 2008 6.14MB

pdf file Irish American Climate Project: Changing Shades of Green: The environmental and cultural implications of climate change 1.8MB March 2008 

pdf fileEU Action Against Climate Change Leading Global Action to 2020 and Beyond 2007 592kB

pdf file UK Carbon Trust - Carbon Footprinting - A Guide for Organisations 160KB

pdf file EPA Ireland's National Allocation Plan for Emission Trading 2008 – 2012 415kB March 2008

pdf file WBCSD The Sustainable Forest Products Industry, Carbon and Climate Change: Key messages for policy-makers  1.9 MB. September 2007

pdf fileEPA Key Meteorological Indicators of Climate Change in Ireland  703kB August 2007

pdf file UNESCOs Case Studies on Climate Change & World Heritage 13.9 MB

pdf file SEI Managing Energy A Strategy Guide for SME's 2004 548kB

pdf file Departmentof the Environment Heritage & Local Government Ireland National Climate Change Strategy 2007 - 2012 1.86MB