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Enterprise Ireland Lean Business Offer   
Environmental Supports 

1. Summary  

Many companies find it difficult to incorporate environmental improvements into the day to day running of their business. Under Enterprise Ireland’s green offer there are funding opportunities for business to incorporate environmental best practice using either:

  • a simplified approach (GreenStart), not requiring a major commitment in time and resources
  • a more advanced level leading to developing an internationally recognised standard, such as, ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 (GreenPlus).

Once in place these practices quickly become second nature and can be a stepping stone to more advanced improvements over time.
Enterprise Ireland’s Green Offer supports companies in achieving an increase in competitiveness by incorporating environmental sustainability practices. The Offer contains a stepped approach to help companies to develop increasing levels of capability in and adoption of environmental best practice.

Enterprise Ireland has developed an introductory guidebook on environmental sustainability for our clients. This is a non-financial support whereby companies can be provided with a basic set of templates along with guidance on implementation to help clients develop a simplified approach to environmental management. The guide is directed at companies who have no in-house expertise or exposure to environmental issues to date. ‘The First Steps to Green Competitiveness Guidebook’ is free and is available to download here [pdf, 478kB]


The GreenStart programme is designed for SME companies only. It aims to increase the level of environmental awareness relating to regulatory compliance and help with the development of a simplified management system in companies who do not have in-house expertise or who have conducted limited environmental activities to date. An increase in environmental performance can help companies reach a level where they can achieve competitive advantage through greater resource efficiency (energy/water/waste costs) and greater market share through enhanced credentials. The project will involve the hiring of a consultant to:

  1. Review environmental activities and practices at the site
  2. Provide advice on regulatory compliance issues (licences/permits)and how to resolve them
  3. Assistance with preparation of an Environmental Policy Statement
  4. Assistance with preparation of a basic Environmental Management System (EMS) based on a ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ philosophy to deal with site issues
  5. Establish baseline assessment to identify possible savings and KPIs
  6. Provide training for relevant staff
  7. Assistance with access to other tools and resources to maintain performance and to improve resource efficiency

Expected outcomes:

  • ompliance with regulatory requirements
  • Environmental Policy Statement
  • Simplified site EMS
  • Cost saving project completed
  • Awareness of market benefits of improved environmental reputation
  • Reports on project and metrics generated



Project Summary

Key outcomes

Eligible cost elements

Client Project cost

EI grant




Short cost
reduction project delivered by external consultant.

Introducing basic
environmental sustainability principles and best practice.

7 consultancy days

 Assignment duration ~ 6-9 weeks.

 (not available for Large companies)

Cost reduction targets achieved.

Environmental best practice successfully piloted.

Possible progress to further GreenPlus project.

Environmental Consultancy/Training

Fees at max. €900 per day




€3,150 (De Minimis)


GreenPlus is designed to build on GreenStart and to assist companies develop a high level of environmental capability under Enterprise Irelands Business Process Improvement grants. These grants are available to all sized companies and are designed to run training programmes to build capability within the company to a level compatible with International Standards, such as ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.


  • Improved competitiveness through greater resource efficiency
  • Enhanced reputation through reduced Carbon footprint and accreditation to EMS
  • Greater access to Green Public Procurement and private supply chain tenders for the company and/or particular products



Project Summary

Key outcomes

Eligible cost elements

Client Project cost

EI grant


Business Process Improvement Grant

Environmental improvement assignment delivered by external consultant.


Developing capability within company to install and manage recognised environmental standards such as, ISO 14001, 50001


Typically up to 20 day (in company) assignment days over 6 month period.


Significant Environmental Best Practice improvement targets achieved.


Cost reduction targets achieved.


Embedding of environmental improvement culture; cohort of trained staff.


Programme to pursue company-wide environmental improvement.

Environmental training fees at max. €900 per day


Cost of company ‘environmental champion’ up to 50% of the total project costs.


Up to  €70 k

Up to 50% 











                                              TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY GRANT
                                        (Environmentally Superior Product/Eco-labels) 


Project Summary

Key outcomes

Eligible cost elements

Client Project cost

EI grant

Technical Feasibility Grant to create an Environmentally Superior Product or apply for Eco-labels

Feasibility study using Life Cycle Assessment to incorporate Eco-design into product manufacture or apply for Eco-labels

Modified design or manufacture of new or existing product to reduce environmental impact across life cycle or successfully attain Eco-label

External consultants, eligible salary costs, travel and prototyping

Up to €70k

Up to 50%


Declan White

 Phone: 01- 7272480


Tom Lowry

 Phone: +353 (61) 777045


Kathleen O'Rourke     Phone: +353 (61) 777072  email:

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Download First Steps to Green Competitiveness Guidebookpdf file 479kB]
Download GREENStart Assignment Guidelines for Consultants [pdf file180kB ]
Download GreenPlus Assignment Guidelines for Consultants  [pdf,150kB]
Modified: 08 July 2015