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European Chemicals Agency ( ECHA )
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Health & Safety Authorithy (HSA)
European Commission
Cefic European Chemical Industry Council

European Chemicals Agency ( ECHA )

pdf fileREACH Getting Started in SIEFs – Top Tips    86kB  May 2009 New 

pdf file  REACH Pre-registration Questions and Answers (RELEASE 3) 2.19MB November 2008 

pdf file Frequently Asked Questions - REACH-IT 410kB November 2008 

pdf file REACH-IT INDUSTRY USER MANUAL Part 4 – Online Pre-Registration 1.62MB

pdf file REACH-IT INDUSTRY USER MANUAL Part 1 – Getting Started with REACH-IT  772kB

pdf file How to prepare and submit data to ECHA (RELEASE 3) 38kB

pdf fileQuestions and Answers On Inquiry (RELEASE 1) 219kB 

pdf file Draft COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No …/.. of amending Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) as regards Annexes IV and V 80kB  July 2008

pdf file 
Non-EU exporters brochure 163kB

pdf file REACH timeline brochure 623kB

pdf fileREACH Case Story Summaries- 283kB - June 2008 

pdf filePre-registration, Data Submission to ECHA and REACH 289kB - June 2008 

pdf file European Chemicals Agency ECHA Inauguration Event 275kBJune 2008 

pdf fileGuidance for on requirements for Substances in Articles 790kB  May 2008

pdf file ECHA Guidance Fact Sheet   Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH 243kB

pdf file ECHA Guidance Fact Sheet Guidance for Downstream Users 181kB

pdf fileGuidance on IUCLID

pdf fileGuidance for identification and naming of substances in REACH 3.12MB

pdf fileGuidance for the preparation of an Annex XV dossier for restrictions  2.08MB 

pdf fileGuidance for the preparation of an Annex XV dossier on the identification of substances of very high concern 1.46MB

pdf fileGuidance for the preparation of an Annex XV Dossier on Harmonised Classification and Labelling  1.19MB

pdf fileGuidance on Dossier and Substance Evaluation  2.25MB 

pdf fileGuidance on Scientific Research and Development (SR&D) and Product and Process Oriented Research and Development (PPORD)  245kB February 2008

pdf fileGuidance for Intermediates  385kB February 2008

pdf fileGuidance for monomers and polymers  974kB

pdf fileGuidance on Registration  2.40MB May 2008

pdf fileGuidance for Downstream Users   1.57MB  January 2008

pdf fileGuidance on Data Sharing   2.55MB October 2007

IBEC - ReachAid

 pdf fileIBEC Preparing for REACH:First Steps a Company can take.  Revised April 2007  190kB

pdf fileIBEC's 5 Steps to preparing for REACH 112kB

pdf fileIBEC REAChAid Basic Guide to REACh 2007 83kB

Health & Safety Authorithy (HSA)

 HSA Function & Scope of the REACH Help Desk

European Commission

REACH Legislation

pdf fileREACH in brief (Sept 2006) - based on the Common Position of the Council 142kB

pdf fileQuestions and Answers on REACH - July 2007  292kB 

Cefic European Chemical Industry Council 

pdf file Guidance on SIEF Formation 367kB  

pdf file Preparation for Pre-registration 541kB  

European Chemicals Bureau

pdf file European Chemicals Bureau notification of new chemical substances in accordance with directive 67/548/eec on the classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous substances no-longer polymer list version 340kB


pdf file  Substitution 1.0 - the art of delivering Substitution 1.0 toxic-free products 1.57MB

Disclaimer : This website contains guidance on REACH explaining the REACH obligations and how to fulfil them. However, users are reminded that the text of the REACH Regulation is the only authentic legal reference and that the information in this website does not constitute legal advice.