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GreenBusiness Case Studies 
Green Healthcare Case Studies 
BITCI Business in the Community Ireland CSR Case Studies    
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital – Waste Minimisation Programme Case Study
Resource Efficiency in the hospitality Sector Case Studies 
Case Studies Irish Companies Industrial Sector
Cleaner Greener Production Programme
Green Public Procurement (GPP) Case Studies 
Case Studies 
Repak Case studies of Packaging Prevention in Irish Industry 
European Chemicals Agency REACH Case Studies 
 EPEE - European Partnership for Energy and the Environment Green Business Cases
• Eirebloc – a study on collaboration - Combining Waste Timber and Tyre Textiles to Create High Quality Composite Pallet Block
  rx3 Case Studies  

Green Healthcare Case Studies

CASE STUDY Cork University Hospital Achieving Sustainable Healthcare and Living [pdf 1.03MB]

BITCI Business in the Community Ireland CSR Case Studies

pdf file 'Inspiring Excellence' Environment Section 275kB
Companies are responsible for addressing both the impact of their production processes and their products on the environment. Demonstrating high levels of environmental management through the whole supply chain is the greatest challenge for companies in this area.
Green Healthcare
Temple Street Children’s University Hospital – Waste Minimisation Programme Case Study[pdf file2.65MB]

Green Hospitality Programme (GHP)
Resource Efficiency in the hospitality Sector Case Studies [pdf file4.23MB]

Irish Company Case Studies Industrial Sectors
The following is a list of good environmental practice Irish company case studies within a range of industrial sectors. Please click on a title below to download the relevant PDF

pdf fileConstruction 162kB
pdf fileElectronics - Environmentally Superior Products Project 291kB
pdf fileFurniture 367kB
pdf fileHealthcare Waste 387kB
pdf fileInformation Technology 297kB
pdf filePackaging 303kB
pdf fileTimber 303kB
pdf fileEngineering 162kB
pdf fileFood & Drink - Diageo Sets a new Standard 162kB
pdf fileThe New Irish Energy Management Standard – The Aughinish Alumina Experience 1.54MB


Cleaner Greener Production Programme

The following link contains examples of good environmental practice achieved by Irish Companies through the EPA's Cleaner Greener Production Programme (CGPP)

Some Examples:

pdf file Alert Packaging - Cleaning up our Act 412kB
pdf file Musgraves - Cleaner Production: Eco-Label Feasibility for ‘Own-Brand’ Products 380kB
pdf file Oran Precast Ltd.- On Site Waste Reduction 375kB
pdf file Tayto  - Oil recovery, upcycling of by-product and reduction in corrugated cardboard usage. 335kB 
pdf file Irish Flexible Packaging (IFP) - New Technology Could Totally Eliminate Solvents Usage in Printing Industry 402kB
pdf file The Irish Hospitality Institute  - Development of a CP Programme for the Irish Hotel Industry - Greening Irish Hotels  318kB
pdf file Limerick Clare Kerry Regional Waste Management Office - B2B Green Mentor Programme (Business-to-Business Green Mentor Programme for Waste Prevention) 328kB 
pdf file MicroPro Computers - Zero Waste Personal Computer (ZWPC) Project 329kB
pdf file South East Lean Forum - Clean & Lean manufacturing network  314kB
pdf file Sturdy Products Ltd - More efficient and profitable production by elimination of imported packaging material & improved heat conversion 340kB
pdf file Westmeath County Council - The use of recycled/reusable materials in the construction of environmental infrastructure in the Midlands 380kB
pdf file 
Wexford Creamery - Reduction in milk solids in waste to effluent treatment plant 292kB


Green Public Procurement (GPP) Case Studies

A series of case studies on the implementation of GPP is currently being developed, to illustrate how public authorities have made greener purchasing a reality and provide guidance to others.

GPP Case Studies - Ireland

Case # 30 Efficient purchasing of laboratory supplies in Maynooth
After an evaluation of the existing frameworks and consultation with stakeholders, the university realised that the tender processes for laboratory supplies could be aggregated. The existing situation involved a high volume of low-value transactions and multiple-drop deliveries on various days.

Users had traditionally placed requisitions and both expected and received next day delivery with an invoice directly related to each order. The challenge was to arrive at a specification that encompassed theoperational requirements of the laboratories and research areas, while ensuring that statutory requirements for safety and quality were met. The overall requirement for quality goods at the right price in the right place remained a priority.

See also  Buying green! A handbook on environmental public procurement pdf file 572kB 

CASE # 32: Sustainable energy supplies in County Waterford [pdf file 190kB]
In the period 2008 – 2010, Waterford County Council procured €53m worth of capital projects. The objectives of the Council’s GPP activities are to:

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of the Council;
  • Stimulate the green market;
  • Identify efficiencies and savings; and
  • Illustrate the merits of green procurement to other public sector organisations.

 In 2009, a tender for the supply of electricity offered the opportunity

CASE STUDY #64 Installation of solar photovoltaic panels and associated works in public buildings in Co. Tipperary pdf file 707kB]
Tipperary Energy Agency was established in 1998 by the Tipperary Local Authorities and LIT Tipperary as an independent social enterprise. The goal of Tipperary Energy Agency is to support sustainable energy use in all sectorsby providing a comprehensive range of energy services to achieve this goal.

Prior to 2014 Tipperary Energy Agency had successfully improved the energy efficiency of all public buildings in Co. Tipperary on behalf of Tipperary Local Authorities. This was carried out by taking measures such as implementing low energy lighting and replacing old heating boilers with biomass boilers.

Tipperary Energy Agency recognised the need to go a step further to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings and launched a restricted procurement procedure for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels for up to 12 public buildings in Co. Tipperary in 2014. Nine buildings now have PV solar panels installed on their roofs. This procurement is thelargest project for PV solar panels in Ireland to date and has increased Ireland’s total PV capacity by 44%. This investment in renewable energy results in average savings of 11% on electricity costs for Tipperary County Council for the buildings in question and offsets 91 tonnes of CO²emissions.

Green Public Procurement Case Studies developed by EU

The complete series can be downloaded [Adobe PDF icon] here:

  1. The purchase of electricity from renewable sources (Rivierenland, Netherlands)
  2. The use of official ecolabels (Esbjerg, Denmark)
  3. The procurement of sustainable cleaning services (Gooi en Vechstreek, Netherlands)
  4. Sustainable food for thought (Malmö, Sweden)
  5. Green primary school (Pembroke, Malta)
  6. Vienna’s sustainable new hospital (Vienna, Austria)
  7. Sustainable procurement of wood products (Barcelona, Spain)
  8. Innovative workwear for Zürich’s police force (Zürich, Switzerland)
  9. Green and healthy cleaning services (Tuscany, Italy)
  10. Hybrid cars for city administration (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  11. Green procurement in Badalona’s schools (Badalona, Spain)
  12. 100% recycled paper for Bulgaria’s Environment Ministry (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  13. Framework for green IT equipment (Dunkerque, France)
  14. The Latvian Ministry of Environment goes for green investments (Latvia)
  15. Framework agreement for ecological paper (Lombardy, Italy)
  16. Working with suppliers to deliver green furniture (Basque country, Spain)
  17. Building a Greener London Fire Brigade (UK)
  18. Purchasing energy-efficient outdoor lighting in Cascais (Portugal)
  19. Ireland Makes Sustainable Furniture Purchasing Work (Ireland)
  20. Procuring passive housing in Finland
  21. Powering Bremen with renewable electricity (Germany)
  22. Greener IT Equipment in Gizpuzkoa (Spain)
  23. Organising GPP through an EMS in Amaroussion, (Greece)
  24. Kolding’s procurement of climate-friendly lighting solutions (Denmark)
  25. Stockholm sets high standards for IT equipment (Sweden)
  26. Sustainable new administrative centre in Leuven (Belgium)
  27. Italian public buildings save with energy services framework (Italy)
  28. Sustainable wood procurement in Cognac, (France)
  29. Environmentally-friendly cleaning services in Reykjavík (Iceland)
  30. Efficient purchasing of laboratory supplies in Maynooth (Ireland)
  31. Energy efficient lighting on Budapest’s bridges (Hungary)
  32. Sustainable energy supplies in County Waterford, Ireland
  33. Lithuania’s central purchasing body introduces GPP, Lithuania
  34. Sustainable food procurement for schools in Rome (Italy)
  35. Green ambulance procurement in Stockholm (Sweden)
  36. Clean streets in Barcelona (Spain)
  37. Centralised procurement of greener office supplies, Hungary
  38. Sustainable uniforms for the French Navy, France
  39. City of Wiesbaden greens its office stationery, Germany
  40. Cleaner vehicles and electricity in Slovenia
  41. Basque Council maintains buildings the greener way, Spain
  42. Sustainable school meals in East Ayrshire, Scotland
  43. Cleaning products for schools Ville De Venelles, France
  44. Sustainable project management and events Agency for Social Assistance (ASA) Bulgaria
  45. Efficient, ecological wastewater treatment in Sweden
  46. Procuring sustainable forest products Provincial Council of Toledo, Spain
  47. Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration, Denmark
  48. Zero carbon refurbishment in an East England school England
  49. Replacement of diesel trucks with electric fleet in Stuttgart, Germany
  50. Energy efficient swimming pools in Rotterdam, Netherlands
  51. Retrofitting trams for energy efficiency in Craiova, Romania
  52. Supply of sustainable concrete at the London Olympics, UK
  53. Joint National Procurement of Electrical Vehicles in Sweden
  54. Pre-Commercial Procurement for Smart Energy and Intelligent Mobility Solutions, Italy
  55. Renewable heating systems for schools in Oslo, Norway
  56. Green Requirements for the Maintenance of Parks and Gardens in Errenteria, Spain
  57. Promoting Biodiversity in Green Urban Areas, Lille, France
  58. Green Building Materials for a Fire Station in Lorüns, Vorarlberg, Austria
  59. Cost-efficient and clean police cars in Berlin, Germany
  60. Green stationery and paper, Gloucestershire County Council, United Kingdom
  61. Recycled asphalt used for road surfacing in Hamburg, Germany
  62. Innovative and green bus shelters in Cornwall, United Kingdom
  63. Framework agreement for zero-emission vehicles in Oslo, Norway
  64. Promoting life-cycle thinking in construction in Jyväskylä, Finland
  65. Framework agreement for zero-emission vehicles in Oslo, Norway
  66. Promoting life-cycle thinking in construction in Jyväskylä, Finland
  67. Sustainable procurement at the Natural History Museum of London, UK
  68. Greening internal finishings, Malta
  69. A National Framework Contract for Green Dairy Products, Austria
  70. Green stationery supplies for the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
  71. Low carbon waste collection services. Bristol, UK
  72. Electricity from 100% renewable sources, Finland
  73. Greener waste collection services, Malta
  74. Green procurement of furniture and fabrics for public buildings and offices, Sweden
  75. Environmental requirements for printed materials, France
  76. Sustainable procurement of office supplies, Belgium
  77. Construction of an energy-efficient kindergarten, Slovenia
  78. Using LCA and CO2 performance to assess bidders, Netherlands
  79. Low environmental impact PCs and monitors, Estonia
  80. Procurement of 100% green electricity in Brandenburg, Germany
  81. ICT equipment and management services, Italy
  82. Provision of Cleaning Products & Services, Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
  83. CNG and hybrid buses: Alternative vehicles for a cleaner city, Spain
  84. Procurement of Reduced Environmental Impact Toners, Italy
  85. EEV certified biomethane bus service, The United Kingdom
  86. Electric vehicle docking stations (e-fuel stations), Germany
  87. Organic Food Procurement for School Catering Services, France
  88. Technology-Neutral Procurement of a Full-Electric Ferry, Norway
  89. An innovative, efficient combined heat and power (CHP) plant, Finland
  90. Gardening, Low environmental impact maintenance contract for city parks, Spain
  91. Waterschapsbedrijf Limburg, the Netherlands
  92. Greening the construction, renovation and design of buildings in the Basque Country, Spain
  93. An Energy Service Company (ESCO) used to cut energy use in municipal buildings in Vantaa, Finland
  94. Installation of solar photovoltaic panels and associated works in public buildings in Co. Tipperary, Ireland
  95. The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board – green cleaning products and services, Estonia
  96.  Furniture & white goods for public housing projects (VISESA, Basque Country, Spain)
  97.  Procurement of 100% organic, seasonal food Municipality of Copenhagen, Denmark
  98.  Calculating the environmental impact of catering services City of Helsinki, Finland
  99.  Organic, seasonal food for kindergartens IMEB, Barcelona City Council, Spain
  100.  Monitoring low carbon, sustainable catering services City of Turin, Italy
  101.  London gets FIRED-uP with smarter fire engines London Fire Brigade, United Kingdom
  102.  Sustainability Strategy 2013 – 2016 The City of Aalborg, Denmark


Case Studies
pdf file Case Studies of Organisations Managing Food Waste Properly 2.38MB


Repak Case studies of Packaging Prevention in Irish Industry
pdf file REPAK Case Studies 3.3MB


European Chemicals Agency REACH Case Studies

pdf fileLarge chemical company will pre-register about 800 substances 86kB
pdf fileREACH at a small enterprise 99kB
pdf file
An association battles for its Members 94kB 
pdf fileDownstream user of chemicals sees REACH as an opportunity to further build consumer confidence  85kB
pdf fileDistributor with active REACH strategy  88kB
pdf fileBelgian REACH Helpdesk supports local companies  83kB
pdf fileEuropean Chemicals Agency Helpdesk – For shared understanding of REACH  Regulation  68kB


PRO Europe
This website contains information for commercial, industrial and all other organisations that are effected by the  EU Directive on Packaging and electronic waste.

EPEE - European Partnership for Energy and the Environment
pdf file  Green Business Cases - A demonstration of how EPEE products, applications and technologies can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions, enhance energy efficiency, save energy and increase competitiveness. 1.69MB


pdf file  Eirebloc – a study on collaboration - Combining Waste Timber and Tyre Textiles to Create High Quality Composite Pallet Block 1.24MB

rx3 Case Studies

pdf file Huhtamaki (Lurgan) Ltd. Manufacture of Moulded Pulp Packaging from Recycled Paper (Eggs-ellent Use of Old Newspapers) 78kB

pdf file  Durakerb Ireland Use of Recycled Plastic to Manufacture Kerbstones 79kB

pdf file Smallwares Ltd. Production of Plastic Products using Recycled Plastic 90kB

pdf file  Shabra Recycling and Plastics Ltd. Production of Plastic Bags and Sacks using Recycled Plastic 131kB

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