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Co-funding available for close-to-market environment and climate solutions
03/04/2017 09:14:17

Co-funding available for close-to-market environment and climate solutions
Source: EC EASME
Your company is working on a solution that benefits the climate or the environment?

Check the EU's LIFE programme: You might be eligible to receive up to 60% co-financing.

The European Commission will launch a new call for proposals under the LIFE programme on 28 April, with application deadlines in September 2017.

Nearly €260 million in funding will be available for environment and climate projects ("traditional projects").

Looking for close-to-market projects

We are particularly looking for close-to-market projects [pdf 213kB] ie. projects that:

  • Propose a new, demonstrative solution able to bring clear environmental and/or climate benefits e.g. in the fields of waste management, circular economy, resource efficiency, climate change mitigation, and water; and
  • Have a level of technical and business readiness allowing them to implement their solution in close-to-market conditions (i.e. at industrial or commercial scale) during the project duration.

In business terms 'clean-tech business' might sound more familiar; we are basically talking about the same thing.

The LIFE programme can provide up to 60% co-financing to such projects.

How to apply for the LIFE programme?

A proposal may be submitted by any legal person registered in the European Union. For close-to-market projects we mostly expect applications from private companies – from small businesses to large industries.

The LIFE programme is flexible: It's up to you to decide on the project duration and budget, and whether your company would like to run the project on their own or join forces with partners from your own or a different EU Member State.

Interested applicants should consider applying to the "Traditional projects" call for proposals in the following priority areas:

The European Commission is organising an information and networking event on 31 May in Brussels to advise applicants on the LIFE programme's 2017 call for traditional projects.

Environmental and climate solutions kick-started with LIFE funding
Over the past 25 years, the LIFE Programme has invested in many close-to-market projects – without calling them this way. Have a look at the video showing three successful projects financed in the past.

The Italian Usa e Riusa project launched a special system of reusable, foldable and recyclable crates which avoids box waste when carrying vegetable and fruits from the fields into the supermarkets.

The Swedish Dyemond Solar project has come up with a way to produce dye-sensitized solar cells which can be used for indoor applications such as e-readers in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient manner.

The French Pamela project developed a smart and safe approach for dismantling and recycling end-of-life planes.


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