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More advantages for EMAS and ISO 14001 organisations
05/05/2017 09:58:45

More advantages for EMAS and ISO 14001 organisations
Source: EC EMAS
The European Commission is looking for opinions of EMAS-registered and ISO 14001-certified organisations on how incentives for adopting an environmental management system could be improved.

The survey is part of a study abbreviated “RAVE” – Reinforcing Added Value of EMAS, launched to explore measures for strengthening the potential of EMAS to create further added value for authorities and organisations. It aims to identify how EMAS and environmental management schemes in general could be better recognised in regulations, to save both time for organisations and authorities. The aim of the present questionnaire survey is therefore to investigate the adoption and effectiveness of regulatory relief measures addressed to EMAS-registered and ISO-certified organisations. It is also investigating ways to improve environmental reporting practices for registered organisations.

The survey will be open until 19 May 2017. All answers by organisations will help the Commission find ways to improve EMAS and make environmental reporting more efficient. It therefore hopes that as many organisations as possible will take this opportunity to tell the Commission what is most useful to them. The data will be published in aggregated form only and answers will be anonymized.

The survey is available in different languages for both EMAS-registered and ISO 14001- certified organisations.

EMAS RAVE 2017 - Questionnaire for EMAS-registered organizations.

EMAS RAVE 2017 - Questionnaire for ISO 14001-certified organizations.


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