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Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ schools programme
03/04/2017 08:01:57

Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ schools programme
Source: REPAK
The Repak ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ schools programme has been specially developed to educate our future generations about the benefits of best recycling practices, to change behaviours towards recycling and ultimately reduce recycling bin contamination.

Repak has created the ‘Recycle and Change for the Better’ educational programme to encourage best recycling practices and in response to the rising levels of recycling bin contamination in Ireland.

Up to 40% of what is currently placed in recycling bins is contaminated.

With new EU recycling targets, which are expected to be higher, Repak has taken this proactive step to address the issue and hopes the programme will change student attitudes and behaviours, transforming participating pupils into enthusiastic recycling ambassadors, influencing their family and friends in turn.

Repak has created educational resources the teachers which will help bring recycling to life in schools and in the classroom.

Five videos have been created with enthusiastic recycling characters - Jenny the Jam Jar, Cormac the Can, Bridget the Bottle, and Bobby the Box. These are accompanied with engaging and educational lesson plans, recycling quizzes, colouring sheets, fun facts and recycling projects relating to best recycling practices for glass, cardboard, plastic, aluminium and waste contamination.


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