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LEAN for Micro Enterprises (Less than 10 employees)
03/05/2017 12:19:22

LEAN for Micro Enterprises (Less than 10 employees)
Source: Cork Chamber
Cork LEOs, as part of our ongoing commitment to our micro-enterprises, are starting a new LEAN for Micro Enterprises programme in May 2017. LEAN projects are derived from problems arising within a business. LEAN thinking towards problem solving starts with a clear statement of a problem and leads through its resolution using a process of measurement, analysis, implementation and evaluation of the solution. The tools used on this programme will allow your businesses to increase profitability, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Our contracted agents to deliver this programme are LBS Partners, Limerick. Established in 2002, LBS Partners have created a unique, practical and proven framework that enables them to develop solutions which produce the ultimate competitive advantage to clients. Their framework methodology recognises four specific cornerstones for success: leadership, coaching, standardisation and education. By employing LEAN methodologies and best practices, they partner with clients to deliver the best results from their people and processes. John O’Shanahan will be working with participants on this LEAN Programme on behalf of LBS Partners and Cork LEOs

The LEAN Approach: It enhances value for the customer. This means delivering what the customer needs, when it is required and at the best possible price. LEAN offers a structured methodology that maximises value for the customer through the elimination of waste from an organisation’s activities. LEAN examines the entire value stream – the sum of all activities completed by an organisation to produce a product or to deliver a service.

The elimination of waste is a key underlying principle of LEAN. It requires moving away from the traditional approaches to process improvement and instead focusing on the product or service provided to the end customer. A culture of continuous improvement is key to an organisation’s sustained success in the elimination of waste. Instilling this culture is done by considering three aspects of the business: Purpose, Processes, People.

Programme Format
On completion of the online application, John O’Shanahan will contact applicants to assess their suitability for the programme, following which applicants will be advised of the outcome.
For successful applicants, it a requirement of the programme to attend the half day introductory workshop covering the benefits of LEAN principles which underpin LEAN thinking. It will introduce the concept and benefits of continuous improvement which lies at the core of LEAN transformation. The workshop will be delivered by John O’Shanahan at the Cork Airport Hotel, on Tuesday, 23rd May commencing with teas/coffees @ 09:30.

The programme will consist of five LEAN training days on participants’ own premises at times and days as agreed with John O’Shanahan after the first training workshop.

The subsidised programme fee is €500.

If you are interested please complete the online application at the following link (note: the closing date is 15 May 2017,)

South Cork Local Enterprise Office Lean for Micro 2

Who is the programme suitable for:

  • Micro-enterprises – those employing 1-10 employees
  • Those trading with 1-3 years +.
  • Established manufacturing or service businesses
  • Suitable for all sectors
  • Clients who are open to change
  • Clients who have growth potential
  • Clients with a steady and growing customer base
  • Clients who have potential to export or who are already exporting their product or service


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